A review of Fablehaven :The Entire Series by Brandon Mull


I couldnt help it. I bought the first book in this series and before I was half way through,I bought the other four.
I was so enthralled with the characters,plotline and wonderful story-telling that I had to have them.
Brandon Mull completely outdid himself with the sheer pleasure these books give.The Fablehaven plot itself isnt necessarily a new concept,fairy tale creatures living amongst humans,however,our author makes a grand escape from the usual doldrums of such stories with the idea that these creatures are not what you think them to be. I was surprised by the arrogance of the centaurs,fell in love with the vanity of the fae,laughed out loud at the antics of the satyrs,cheered when an arch-nemesis Demon gave much needed advice to our young hero,Seth,and teared up when a crest fallen,insecure,young dragon found his strength and purpose. Throughout the books our hero and heroine,brother and sister, have a single purpose – to save the Fablehaven preserve from being exposed and overrun. Seems simple enough until you add in disappearing,or captured,or cryptic time-traveling adults,an evil banshee,dark flitting fairies that bite,poisonous fog and a villian with a single-minded purpose – destroy Fablehaven and unleash all of the creatures within it upon the human realm. Good and bad.
A pure joy to read,the Fablehaven series should be on every fantasy lovers shelf and in every child’s bookcase.
I am missing my friends at Fablehaven and may have to visit again,very soon.

Carolyn Seiver
Bell,Book & Candle Reviews
YA Book Addict reviewer
Hot Tree Editing


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