Key The Steampunk Vampire Girl : A Review




 Recently, I received a lovely gift from Becket (or Sir Becket,as we like to call him) ,a personalized copy of his recently published book! I promised him a review in exchange.Im sure he feels like Id forgotten him,lol.
So,here it is,Sir Becket,with my heartfelt thanks and much enjoyment.


                                Key the Steampunk Vampire Girl – Book One: and the Dungeon of Despair (Volume 1)

On the surface,Key seems like a children’s story.A very imaginative,enthralling fairytale of a young girl who is attacked,her family killed,changed into a vampire,then taken to the Undead City of Necropolis. Where, she is promptly thrown into The Dungeon of Despair.
And,you would be right in thinking that it IS a children’s story.

Key is filled with lively,colorful creatures such as Bedbugs that are 3 feet tall,change their appearance and wear top hats, Zombie horses,Partly Dead Brownies that own a blood bank business and make chocolate covered bloody bon bons called Snuckle Truffles ( I understand their love of chocolate. It makes anything and everything better.), a spoon-crowned Queen Crinkle who rules Necropolis with a scepter of wire hangers and so very many more that it boggled my mind as to how Becket dreamed them all up. It not hard to imagine any preteen or early teenager would gobble this book up and want to be Key! Who wouldn’t want an immortal puppy?!?

You would also be wrong. Key is so very much more.

Becket weaves for us a delightful,but heartrending tale.Key’s loneliness within the dungeon is palpable – she spends 357 years there- however,she soon learns that she is not alone in Despair. Using a play on words (and tongue on fangs) here, Becket’s education and spiritual journey in life shows itself in a very REAL way. We are given metaphors,hard learned life lessons in growth,confidence in personal discovery and working to be our true selves.

                                  “…the depth of Despair had many levels…” ,   “..facing the vast emptiness of Despair felt easier than confronting pitiless hate.” ,
“…accepting what we do not understand is the first step in understanding.”

Key can be viewed as one big hyperbole,which would not surprise me if that was Becket’s intention, because it evokes one clear message with exaggeration to make its point. There is “..light and hope within darkness and Despair.”
Nothing is ever hopeless. Key transforms her dungeon into a light-filled garden with only a few seeds and a small amount of enchanted dirt. She finds friendship in creatures that are viewed ugly or dangerous,mistaken and misunderstood because of how they appear or act. A few seeds of knowledge can spark an imagination to grow or a few cruel words spoken can crush a spirit. These are lessons we as adults continue to learn everyday and can pass along to our children. And we should. The opinions of others and peer pressure can do more damage than we realize. Allowing our children to live in Despair would be the ultimate damage we could ever do when we can empower them with the greatest gift a parent can give. Confidence and love in themselves.

” The prisons enchaining us are usually made by others.
They’re often more fragile than we  realize,until we find the right key to freedom.”
Miss Broomble,the immortal witch.

I read Key twice and you can bet Im going to be reading it to my daughter when shes older.
Oh,and Sir Becket? Please, tell me where I can find the Garden Gravesite of Ivy Greenthumbs so I can get some seeds for glowing flowers and plants. My garden faeries would thank you and who better to have the gratitude of than faeries?

You can find Becket and the lovely,talented illustrator Raven Quinn on Facebook
Book 1 of Key’s journey is on Amazon – and now Book 2 ,The Tower Tomb of Time,has just been released!!


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  1. Fantastic review. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, as well. The second installment in the series, due out on the 17th of this month, is also pretty doggone fantastic, if I do say so myself. Becket is quite talented and I’m very lucky to be able to work with him.

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