Touching Smoke by Airicka Phoenix


           Touch Saga

Airicka Phoenix.
Her name conjures up images of mythical beings doesn’t it? Wild things swept up on the air currents,ethereal and substantial at the same time.
I am fortunate enough to be able to call Airicka one of my ‘author friends’ and she gifted me a copy of her debut novel,Touching Smoke,for review,some time ago.
( My apologies,hun,for just now getting to it.)
Since that time,Airicka has published two more books in the Touch Saga with Anchor Group and self-published five other books. This,her first,Touching Smoke, I admit, is the only one I have read and I have to say,I am completely undone by the storytelling talent she has.


                            Airicka doesnt give us mythical creatures. Touching Smoke isnt about dragons and witchcraft. But it IS about wild things swept up on the currents.
Wild things in the form of people. Manipulated people. Ethereal and substantial. Aptly titled,this book does indeed make you feel like you are trying to touch smoke,with characters like Isaiah who literally cannot remember his past ,or henchmen dressed in black robes that can sense the energy of a person’s inner power,like energy vampires.
Characters with strange abilities and no explanations. Believable characters with storylines that have a middle,but,no beginnings and still manage to be so well fleshed out,you can picture them in your head.Thats important to me when I read a book,being able to picture the scene or people. Touching Smoke is very well written,with seamless transition between characters and scenes.It sweeps you along,keeping the pages turning,action packed,never stopping.
I found myself wondering how much time had actually passed  and how these people could continue, when one thing after another keeps happening to them.
Its intriguing and mysterious to the point of being so frustrating you want to scream “But why?!? Just tell me WHY! “.
Airicka doesnt tell you why. Not in Touching Smoke,anyway. Maybe in Touching Fire,she does. I dont know,I havent read it yet. But, I will. Like, tonight.

Don’t understand what Im talking about? Im not going to tell you what the book is about,except to say it IS,in a way,a love story. It twists and turns so much,Im not even sure it can be called a love story.Other than that,Im going to tell you nothing. You can read the back of the book,or other reviews that will give you a plot synopsis,or even sample a few pages on Amazon for your tablet or Kindle. I dont do that with my reviews. You wont find any spoilers here. I want you to read the book yourself and you will see what I mean. Its worth it. Intrigued ?
Click one of the links to find Touching Smoke on Amazon,or any of Airicka’s works. Click her name above,to connect with her on Facebook.


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