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Adventures of a Stay at home Mom- continues…


I didnt intend to clean my kitchen today.Not like this. Most people,like me,when they clean,they clean on their own terms. You know..when you want to and how much you want to. Ive discovered,with an Autistic 6 yr old,that cleaning on my own terms just isnt happening anymore.


Oh I love this girl.

However,there are times that are very trying. Today, she drug a chair over to the kitchen counter and climbed up on it and refused to get down. So,thinking I would teach her a small lesson,I put the chair back,went into the other room to talk to my Husband on the phone and leave her to either find her own way down,or call me when she discovered she couldnt. 5 minutes later,(seriously,only 5 minutes) I went back in to check on her and she had dumped an entire 53 oz can of instant Lipton Tea all over the counter and floor.(this is the BIG canister,not a little one.) There was a fog of tea dust hanging in the air. She was picking up handfuls and flinging them around. It was all down the cabinet fronts,over the stove,on her,and halfway across the kitchen floor. Priceless.

I was speechless.

There is that moment as a parent,when your child does something, that you really begin to doubt your sanity. This was one of those moments. I was torn between crying and screaming mad. Do I walk across the tea and track it all over,to remove the child,or do i leave her where she is and clean the floor first? After a few moments of being completely outsmarted by a 6 yr old, The House Destroyer was moved and I began cleaning.

After staring at the mess,I thought..VACUUM. oh yes..should be easy. right? But my vacuum just didnt seem to be doing the job right after a few minutes. LIGHTBULB! I’LL GET THE SHOP VAC! Yay,me! That will suck it all up in no time and I wont spend half the day wiping it off my feet.
Seemed  like a good plan at the time.

I proceed to vacuum away,and after about 10 minutes of this,I stood up and turned around to check on the kid…and discovered that sure the shop vac had sucked the tea up fine…and blown it out the other side! It looked like my house had driven down a gravel road!! It had blown it into the living room!
Now,you can laugh..its ok. But,I was defeated and undone.I cried. Yes,I did.
It took me another 2 hrs to wipe down everything. I rigged up a fan to blow it out the window,finally resorting to the tride-and-true broom and dustpan,tying wet rags to my feet to mop the floor.
Im sure I will still be wiping up tea dust for the next week.

Anyone that has a child can tell you they get into things. They can cause havoc in mere seconds.An Autistic child can be doubly so. Anything that appeals to their sensory levels is fair game. Today,Ive cleaned up tea,sugar (TWICE), dish soap and water.

Dont get me wrong..Im not complaining. I wouldnt trade my daughter for anything,Ive never loved anyone so completely as I do her.

Ill just remember for future reference that a shop vac and instant tea equals disaster.
P.S.   And,yes,Husband laughed himself silly.