Ive been doing alot of craftwork, lately.Mostly for my 5 yr old daughter,Ella. I discovered a fabulous craft blog with alot of tutorials and wonderful patterns called LilBlueBoo. So,while the crafts are mine,I give total credit for the patterns to Ashley and her imaginative blog. Feel free to email me or comment about any of the crafts I post,Ill try to be as detailed as I can about their process to avoid confusion.Feel free to visit Ashley’s blog LilBlueBoo for the original patterns and tutorials. I will also try very hard to post links back to the original sources of any patterns or crafts that I find to make,and give credit where credit is due.

First up is the Sock Bunny so many of you have seen me post about on my Facebook page.
This is a LilBlueBoo pattern and Ashley has a wonderful tutorial on how to make them. If you visit her blog,click the tab for tutorials,then scroll down til you find the Sock Bunny.
These are my latest.Breast Cancer Awareness bunnies Serenity & Faith. Each have a small button heart that has been cleansed and blessed and a small card telling their short story,birthdate and such.

My first attempt at this lil critter was not so successful,LOL!
He looks like an alien.

I got better with the 2nd attempt. Still looking a bit like an alien,but Bean loves this one and still plays with him constantly.

Materials needed – Ladies knee socks,batting,buttons for eyes,needle and embroidery thread,scissors.
Start with knee socks. Womens work the best.Flatten the sock out as if it had a foot in it.Heel facing upwards,laying flat. Cut from the center of the toe downwards about 6 inches. This will be the ears.  Then cut up from the cuff about 9 inches.I usually use the length of my scissors to measure this. The bulk of the sock will be the body. Make sure not to cut into the heel,as this will be the face.
58684_10201392489246951_994307259_n1378606_10153318551015285_1566532461_n 1381668_10153318550680285_1243998728_n
Take the 2nd sock,flatten it out like the 1st and cut the entire foot,just above the heel,off.Then cut this in two,down the center. This will be the arms.
Turn all this inside out. Sew the ears in one seam,about 1/4 in, Make sure to check every few inches that you are catching both the front and back,as the knit fabric will move and stretch on you. Ive been experimenting with zigzagging instead of a straight stich,to have it give a bit when stuffing,but so far this isnt working well,as it stretches too much and the stitches show. So Im sticking with a straight stitch.
Move on to the legs,sew together like the ears,leaving a gap in the crotch for stuffing. Then sew the arms,leaving them open for stuffing,as well. Turn all right side out and stuff with batting. I use Wonderfill as this seems to be the softest and doesnt poke through the fabric,but you can use any batting thats machine washable. If you are making yours for a kid,its going to get dirty.
Once you have your bunny stuffed as you like,soft or firm is your choice (Ive found that different types of socks make the difference in how firmly I stuff them.) ,hand sew your gap together with regular thread. Stuff the arms,fold down the raw edges to the inside,pinch together and attach to the body of the bunny. Next,give him a face.You can use any color of embroidery thread that you like for the nose.4 hole buttons seem to work best for me,for eyes. I dont like the 2 hole buttons as it makes him look angry. I dont want mad bunnies.
So many colors,patterns and faces to play with!
You can use Mens socks,if you want, The body is going to be shorter and the ears longer.
Mens socks dont come in knee length,only crew,unless you buy sports socks. Personally I wouldnt pay that price only to cut them up for a  bunny,unless it were a specialty thing. Like, making a single bunny for a Kansas City Cheifs fan. I raided Mr SuperTrucker’s socks for this one,made for my nephew.
Have fun playing with bunnies and I hope the explanation was detailed enough!  Ashely has a much more in depth tutorial on her page,if you are still confused on how to make them.


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